28 May 2012

Phonica Podcast 017 /w TUSK

Radio Show Playlist

Sinkane 'Runnin' (Daphni remix) (Phonica Special Editions)
Indian Ocean 'School Bell' (Sleeping Bag)
The New year ' My Bleeding Wound' (from Personal space compilation) (Chocolate Industries)
Mathias Reiling (Tornado Wallace remix) (Giegling)
Four Tet 'Jupiters' (Text)
Raimo 'Chi 2 NY' (Fudge Fingas Livin Dub) (Lampuka)
Patrice Scott 'Oberon' (Sistrum)
James Priestley 'Baia' (SecretSundaze)
Omar S 'S.E.X.' (FXHE)
Norm Talley 'Travlin' (Landed)
Trevino 'Juan Two Five' (Nothing Special)
Francis Inferno Orchestra 'Father Figure' (Voyeurhythm)

Phonica mix by Tusk

This little selection includes bits from some LPs that I love, a couple of tracks that I've been hammering for a while (hence the clicks on the Kalidasa record) and test plates from Tusk Wax, Horn Wax, Wigflex, Ruff Kutz, and Use of Weapons.

Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro - Magdalena (Reprise) [Tru Thoughts]
Maricopa - Sunset Orange [Tusk Wax forthcoming]
Coyote - San Carlos [Is it Balearic? - Half Man Half Coyote LP]
Metske - Slow Tape Train Blues [Wigflex Forthcoming]
Naum Gabo - Dimitri's Darkness [Fright 003]
Kalidasa - Bursting Through [Would Unknown]
Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold [Lucky Hole Records Seven]
Cage & Avery - The Smackdown [Internasjonal - Migration LP]
Maricopa - Ants [Tusk Wax forthcoming]
Ruf Dug - Burnt Toast (Ruf Kutz Five]
Deep Space Orchestra  - Erase Everything (Use of Weapons Four)
Missile Crisis - 'Solar' [Horn Wax One]
Ali Renault - Flies A Kungan [Cyber Dance]
Maricopa - Entropy [Tusk Wax forthcoming]
Acid Washed - General Motors, Detroit, America [Record Makers - Acid Washed LP]
Reel People - Feel Free [Papa Records - Second Guess LP]

Phonica Podcast 016 / Record Store Day '12